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New Book: Digital Workforce

Introducing a Digital Workforce

Providers of Robotic Process Automation solutions have developed a successful track record in solving business problems. Over the last few years the capabilities and ease of use of RPA has catapulted it into mainstream public consciousness.

But there are still more organisations that haven't started on the journey than those that have.

In writing this book I aimed to help address this problem by explaining what RPA is, giving examples of why a company might need it, and demonstrating that there is an RPA solution suitable to fit every company and every budget.

Digital Workforce isn’t a technical book, as the manuscript developed from concept to words on a page, it became clear that this was about the process, the people and the cultural challenges that you’ll face. Digital Workforce is a title that encapsulates what this book is about as RPA will only be successful when the technology is combined with the right processes and the right culture.

Implementing a Digital Workforce

Implementing RPA is not easy, but it shouldn't be too difficult either. Wherever you find yourself in your current RPA journey there is something in here for you. Whether getting started for the first time, looking at the challenges of scaling up, or considering the transformational change that comes with operating at scale.

If you are looking for impartial advice on how to start or scale your RPA journey then please contact us at Wzard Innovation to learn more about how you can accelerate your RPA programme by working with the people who literally wrote the book on RPA!

Yours, Wzard and Author,

Rob King

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