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Why RPA is For Everyone (Podcast with Rob King)

Go Beyond Disruption is the title of the superbly produced podcast series by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA) providing regular insights from industry experts on a wide range of new and emerging technologies.

In this podcast, interviewer Kyle Hannan asks questions such as:

  • Why RPA?

  • Jargon-Busting: why is it called "robotics"?

  • The scale of the opportunities ahead for the accounting and finance profession.

  • What does it practically mean for a business, hands-on?

  • Is it actually a good idea?

  • What are some practical steps to get started with RPA?

When first released in November last year it was downloaded almost 500 times, demonstrating the higher level of interest generated by RPA. Most listeners were from the USA and UK but also ranged from South Africa, Poland, France and Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, India and Canada!

I really enjoyed the session, I hope you do too.

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