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Automation Anywhere Announce Free Community Edition

The big news last week was the announcement by Automation Anywhere of a Community Edition of their Robotic Process Automation Software. The Community Edition is free for Small Businesses, Developers and Students, and while there are limitations on actual usage a small business is defined as under 250 users or less than $5million in annual revenue so there is plenty of scope for use.

The full range of capabilities are available too, in addition to the core RPA tools, the IQ Bot cognitive automation platform and Bot Insights analytics software are included in this edition, though only 100 pages per month can be processes using IQBot and support is only available through their A-People forum.

Without a doubt, this announcement is an impressive step forward for Automation Anywhere customers, but we must remember that it has been 2 years since UiPath launched their Community Edition, which has since formed a central part of their growth strategy. Arguably, this latest move is really just a late and desperate attempt to stem the advances of their strongest competitor.

The RPA market is red hot right now and if you've been thinking about getting involved in RPA, now is a good time to jump onboard and learn RPA skills for free.

Automation Anywhere Imagine Conference 2019

Wzard Innovation are partnered with Automation Anywhere.

We will be attending the Imagine conference in London next week, please get in touch if you'd like to learn more about the business opportunities for automation or find technical help to advance and scale your RPA programme.


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