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About Wzard Innovations and the Wzards

Passionate About Inspiring Innovation

Connect with a team that have been there and done it. Back in 2012 the (now) Wzard team coined the term "Fast Track" to help a large UK insurance company get over the inertia that was preventing new ideas making it out to market and improving the operation. Fast track was originally about accelerated delivery of applications that were stuck on the agenda, but quickly adapted to the needs of a changing organisation culture. 


Rod Willmott - Chief Wzard

Rod Willmott who started the Fast Track team and now leads Wzard, has been involved helping organisations change the way they think since the start of his career and over the course of the past 30 years has learnt to help organisations adapt to the fact that change is ever more pressing.

"Over the past 5 years I have seen the rise in pressure on organisations driving the need to change fast and the importance of developing the ability to behave differently has never been greater. Large organisations still struggle with the same issues that we dealt with years ago; 'it's the way we have always done it' are 8 dangerous words. Technology is now the easy bit, it's legacy processes that you need to think about changing, and overcoming the fear that doing it differently is somehow wrong."


Rob King - Chief Operating  Wzard 

A certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt Rob has 25 years experience in helping organisations to develop in new technologies, drive operational efficiency, deliver lean transformation programmes, manage strategic operations and aid the creation of a clear business architecture and strategy.  Since 2013 the growth of Robotic Process Automation has been a particular focus area, working closely with key suppliers in this space to test and deliver a variety of solutions.

"Beginning an Innovation Practice can seem like a huge step, but sustaining a cultural change is an even bigger challenge.  Tapping into the knowledge and insights from Wzard can accelerate your programme and establish the foundations that ensure long term success."


Glenn Suttey - Process & Automation Consultant


Glenn an experienced and passionate lean coach, facilitator, trainer, project manager and agent of change with over twelve years of experience in the Financial Services industry.


Glenn was previously responsible for the delivery of lean transformation in LV=, developing and delivering the training and education while leading on multiple projects. He has managed over 100 innovative initiatives, a founding member of the team that delivered the award winning "Resolve" Q&A solution, introducing robotic automation, evaluating and piloting numerous other opportunities and driving cultural change in both IT and Business.

"I have a passion for helping people connect and achieve the best result they can and introducing innovation often depends on getting people collaborating and realising that they can do more than they though they were capable of"

We have created some simple documents that you can take away / print out to explain some of the concepts, services and capabilities that Wzard offer. If they suit you better than browsing on our site then please use them.

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