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It's RPA, not Magic: Presentations from the Wzards.

This week both Rod Willmott and Rob King will be speaking at the Robotic Process Automation Conference in London on 22nd March at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington.

The agenda is full with presentations from a wide variety of businesses and vendors providing their perspectives on this growing area of interest.

Rod will be presenting

The managerial challenges of introducing new concepts in Corporate thinking

What are the general barriers to new thinking, what in particular is a challenge for automation, what must you overcome (in Europe) to succeed, who should be involved in automation projects to ensure they make progress, and why is automation different from other IT delivery projects.

Rob will be presenting

Key Lessons Learned By Early Adopters

Introducing automation into your organisation can be a challenging undertaking. Industry analysts claim at least one third of automation pilots outright fail and this doesn’t count those which never manage to get started in the first place! Wherever you are on your own automation journey, from first thoughts, to piloting, to scaling, there are common challenges faced and practical advice from early adopters on how to address them.

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