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Wzard Innovation

Connect with a team that have been there and done it. Back in 2012 the (now) Wzard team coined the term Fast Track to help a large UK insurance company get over the inertia that was preventing new ideas making it out to market and improving the operation.

Wzard Innovation offers a unique personalised service that provides insight, innovative ways of working, accelerated delivery, discovery and exploration, strategic vision and pragmatic delivery.

We have a flexible engagement model that can help you get started, evaluate and identify opportunities, through to developing a programme for self sufficiency and ongoing support. Our belief is that successful relationships start small and develop on results achieved, therefore provide a stepped approach to working with us.

A great way to start is facilitating short sessions on creating innovation or developing business models, before moving through to providing a fully tailored programme to fit your specific needs.

We are a multi-award winning team, who have delivered a successful innovation practice tailored to business priorities and are now looking to help organisations who want to drive innovation, introduce new technologies, reduce costs, improve efficiency, adapting to the needs of a changing organisation culture.

With strong practical foundations in smoothing the adoption of modern technology, applying lean thinking and continuous improvement, well considered organisational design and driving innovation, our insights can aid organisations who are looking to:

  1. Accelerate their strategic agenda through new technologies and new ways of working

  2. Introduce new concepts and ideas to deliver innovations onto the strategic agenda

  3. Instigate a cultural change

The team champions many new and collaborative ways of working, ranging from agile to the intensive Challenge-48 48-hour ideation and delivery workshop, problem solving, strategy setting, lean thinking events, hackathons, through to facilitating full 8-week Innovation Labs.

Over 5 years the team evaluated, piloted and implemented dozens of solutions including Mendix, drupal, openspan, instanda, socialcast, Box, Nuance, docusign, and achieved broad recognition including several awards for technology leadership, innovation and employee engagement.

Chief Wzard - Rod Willmott:

Chief Operating Wzard, Rob King:

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