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Categorising Robotic Automation

Robotic Process Automation is a hot topic right now, you can't even open the newspapers without someone predicting it is nirvana or the end of the world. In reality though we see lots of companies wrestling with how to begin, where to begin, and, most importantly, clear understanding of what robotic automation can and can't do!

It is useful to begin the discussion with a bold statement: "Robotic Automation can do almost any process a human can do," but then caveat that with, "that doesn't mean that you should automate it, or that it would be easy to do."

For some reason, many people uneducated in robotic automation dream up exceptionally complex scenarios and believe this is a great starting point. It simply isn't.

A more useful first step on the journey is to clarify the vocabulary and provide a reference point to the types of automation - a categorisation - and then use this to focus practical discussions on what is possible

The five categories I've used below have been successful in providing a helpful simplification to begin discussion on automation and provides a common reference point. "Office Automation" is probably the odd-man-out here, but it is particularly important in furthering the debate when other technology solutions are likely to be a better choice.

Most importantly it helps to focus on the reality of robotic automation, not on complex scenarios but the mundane, highly repetitive tasks that are bane of many workers lives. It is the combination of high volume, low value, typically error prone tasks that are the low-hanging fruit and your starting point for Robotic Automation.

The breadth of robotic automation discussions can be overwhelming at first, this categorisation will help you to simplify and focus the discussion to where the most value can be created for your organisation.

With practical insights on understanding automation the team at Wzard Innovation can help you understand the art of the possible and identify the right starting point for your organisation.

Wishing you well on your Automation Journey!


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