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Rapid Low / Code / No Code development

The Forrester Wave (source: Forrester Research)

Back in the day, when programming was a dark-art and developers all lived in the basement, there was very little access to application code for mortals. That has been changing for many years, but many of the rapid development tools like DataFlex from the 90's never made the corporate table. In the past 5 years some excellent and powerful tools have made it to the market which not only accelerate the coding but the whole deployment cycle. They make it easier to co-develop with customers in front of them, they use business models and visual flows and more importantly they allow you deploy and move between environments at the press of a button. These tools are not just making coding faster, they are changing how you approach solving business problems, changing who needs to be involved and opening up a whole new realm of business possibilities.

The trick is not just the accelerated coding but the accelerated delivery of the entire solution. Using a rapid low code tool in a traditional waterfall environment will accelerate a bit of the process, but you really need to re-think the end-end process to gain maximum advantage.

Some of the very traditional development mentalities are finding it hard to accept that the new approaches can work, preferring to stick to the techniques that they have learnt over the years of their career, so it is not just the tools that need to change, it's also sometimes the people!

This change starts with the way that projects are funded and ends with the way that they are managed operationally in live and expanded. Many people attack rapid development and innovation is a bubble, keeping it just to prototypes and trials and really struggle to launch real products.

There are many elements to learn to be successful in innovations and rapid development, even after selecting a tool. We have strong development experience in Mendix, going back 5 years, one of the leading Low code environment, but the real value of what we could share at Wzard is the best practices and how to leverage new tools. There is benefit in having a few tools in your toolbox. Sometimes it IS right to start with a tool like Mendix and develop an app that can deploy to scale production., in other experimental circumstances it can be better to test first with something simpler, a paper prototype even. After many combines years of experimenting and pushing the innovations agenda, we have a wealth of experience to share and can help you look at your particular scenario and advise.

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