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RPA Survival Guide - Timing is Everything!

Last week the Wzard team took a trip to Amsterdam to attend the 2nd RPA Meetup Netherlands. It's our 2nd visit having previously presented The RPA Survival Guide for the inaugural meetup 3 months ago.

It was good to see the increased interest with lots of new and old faces in attendance, and numbers increasing. It's a theme that the level of interest in all forms of automation is accelerating at a greater pace in continental Europe than we're seeing from the UK; and the UK's growth isn't slow by any means.

The session this time was delivered by Ed Brooks from the RPA Academy, sharing his thoughts and supporting data in the entertaining The (mainly) good news presentation. Has anyone else heard about the robot rabbi? Neither had we until Ed's presentation!

Timing is Everything!

While the first meetup focused largely on the company view, this time the focus was more personal and focused on the impact of automation on individuals. Ed discussed three important elements, Awareness, Knowledge and Timing, providing some insightful data on the current state of the market. For example, many new roles being advertised are not entirely new and up to 80% skills you have already. The RPA Skills gap is growing as skills growth falls behind market growth. Scarcity is good for income!

There are many ways to acquire the knowledge needed but using an example of training Ed demonstrated that a 1,500 Euro training course would have a payback in 4 weeks if it earns an extra 10 Euros an hour. The importance of staying relevant though, means that there will be a need for evertone to retrain every 2-3 years!

In the end, you make your own good timing, by understanding the market, gaining the right skills at the right time. From an individual perspective, timing is everything.

Meetups are great!

Meetup's are a terrific format for meeting like minded people on almost any topic you can imagine! Registration for the 3rd RPA Meetup Netherlands can be found here. Or, for those of you in London, Wzard Innovation be attending the next London RPA Meetup, details here.

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