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Fast and Furious: Automation in Financial Services!

Fast and Furious Live!

It's been back to our roots this week with our attention focused on financial services. With over 20 years experience each in the financial services sector it's something we're intimately familiar with. The reason? We've been creating a series of videos for the RPA Academy titled Automation in Financial Services.

Two presenters gave us the opportunity to make the content more discussion based and I really enjoyed the banter between presenters. It'll either keep people's attention or drive them mad, I guess we'll find out over the next few weeks! We start off by introducing the different types of automation before

Fast and Furious Live!

This week-end Fast and Furious Live made it to the UK and being a huge fan of the film franchise I went along to see the show. Using 3D tracking they combined spectacular graphics with stunt driving to recreate some of the iconic scenes from the movies. Yep, I was one happy fanboy!

And it does have relevance to our earlier topic of Automation in Financial Services, after all there were many aspects of the show that provide us with an automation analogy...

  1. Repeatability and Quality. Recreating famous scenes for ever show means everything has to be well understood and repeatable, performed to the same standard for every show. Automation of course provides accurate recreation of processes and delivers them to the same standard every time they are executed.

  2. Efficiency. There is no room for anything unnecessary when there are so many components making up each action packed recreation: vehicles, drivers, pyrotechnics, actors, lighting, graphics all have to synchronise perfectly. Optimising your processes prior to automation will ensure they are easier to maintain and change later on.

  3. Speed. Maybe not as adrenaline-fueled as F&F, automation will run faster than the manual human equivalent giving an immediate time saving.

  4. Continuous Improvement. Technology continues to advance and the use of 3D Modelling was also developed alongside the show. Automation is still advancing so having an ability to continue to improve and enhance will be part of your operating model.

These five elements are key elements of your own Fast and Furious Automation Programme!

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