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The Shape of things to come

Our own Chief Wzard and CEO, Rod Willmott, has been interviewed for The Shape of Innovation podcast hosted by MWD Advisors.

In this interview Rod talks about how he first got started in innovation, the need to apply different approaches when innovating, the business pressures created by high operational costs and the increasing need to move faster for less cost.

New entrants and startup's have a culture of efficient, rapid change built-in from day 1, as a result their operational costs are much lower and technology is a key enabler to their success. This contrasts to larger organisations, where efficiency and technology can be anchors that drag down their efficiency and increase their operating costs. The success of building an Innovation Practice internally is start small and scale-up, but most importantly of all is leap of faith needed to take risks, eliminate the fear of failure and try something completely new.

Rod, on right, celebrating another award win in 2016

With a heritage of award-winning rapid development and innovative delivery the Wzard team can also help you develop your own innovation culture, process and practices.

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