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Know How: Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs are a collaborative approach to accelerating the identification of new opportunities and testing creative solutions.

We have a structured "Lab Cycle," which typically lasts around 6-8 weeks, though this can be scaled up or down depending on the opportunity or problem being addressed. Our experience is that innovation is more about mind-set over skillset, the process itself is easy to follow, but breaking out of traditional thinking and into a "can-do" behaviours of an innovator requires coaching and support. Labs generally engage 6-12 people for the duration of the lab cycle, collaborating through the following phases of activity:

Every organisation faces the problem of keeping up with the pace of change in the external environment, this can be exemplified by what we see as rapid change, increasing competition, shrinking cycle times, and more demand for innovation than ever before. This demand puts pressure on an organisation to find ways of working that produce business value in shorter time periods than they are traditionally used to.

Our approach to designing innovation labs provides a system that can support groups of various sizes to be highly productive. Collaborating in carefully designed and facilitated workshops, people can solve complex problems, develop new ideas and create breakthrough solutions. The link between innovation and collaboration is becoming more and more apparent, by designing and facilitating collaborative workspaces we accelerate innovation, embrace the growth and use of new technology to deliver innovative new solutions.

Wzard innovation are available to increase productivity and performance by improving the design and facilitation for meetings, problem solving workshops, process reviews or innovation labs. With 20 years experience in facilitating events from 2 to 200, we can design a structured facilitation to meet any of your needs.

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