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How to grow Innovation

The watch word in corporate innovation growth is start small. The days of an organisations transformation as a programme may not be over but we are seeing the emergence of evidence that small seeds are best nurtured carefully.


Finding the right leadership is crucial, but without any doubt this has to start at the top, obtaining board agreement and setting accountability at c-suite level is your first step.

It's going to be hard work, take time, and cost money. The benefits will come, but your first step requires more of a leap of faith than any other. This is a role that is going to be disruptive so requires a person with vision and drive to jump-start the change you will need.


Your next challenge is funding. To be successful you will need to fund the innovation work independently. Large organisations typically have long, complex and bureaucratic processes that are designed to stop you from spending money, without independent finance that can be tapped quickly innovation will wither on the vine.

Take Action Now

This is where you get to do the fun stuff. Find like minded people and keep the process as simple as possible, challenge old, slow and difficult processes at every step. Showcase the results at every opportunity, the job is part evangelist part miracle worker.

Celent Model Insurer of the year 2014, Rod Willmott is our Chief Wzard, and along with the team of skilled innovation professionals has a wealth of practical, and disruptive, insights that will help you nurture your own innovation practice.

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