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We are experts in running running workshops to get the best from your people in an extremely short amount time. The techniques which were honed by our team over many years can deliver results that you may only thing could be achieved after months of project work. Prepare to be amazed what you can achieve in a few days. All these workshops are customised to each delivery but are typically 1-5 days in duration and deliver actionable results. There are some of the events we run, there are many that we can tailor to your specific needs.

A Wzard Innovation readiness workshop helps you assess the key actions you need to take to accelerate your journey into innovative practice, it will also impart several techniques and capabilities that you may have taken months or even years to develop your own right.

The Wzard robotic automation workshop is specifically designed to help those who feel that they ought to be doing something with robotic process automation but are not confident about where to start or what would be the best type of process to get going on. We have 'been there and done it' so let us help you start faster.

GDPR is a hot topic on many corporate agendas. This workshop is designed to accelerate your journey to the most appropriate solutions for your organisation and avoid that last minute panic when the large-scale, expensive project that you setup doesn't deliver what you hoped it would!!

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