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Robotic Process Automation: Zero to Hero

This week we've been fleshing out some marketing information on our workshop formats. For organisations familiar with the role of facilitation and workshops, explaining the different approaches tends to be reasonably straightforward so long as what they've seen has been positive! But for those less familiar, the additional materials and case studies help to bring the topic to life.

Many robotic automation articles focus on topics such as how to select your first process, or how to run a pilot yet the problem facing many customers is one step even earlier, they're not asking these questions because they're not clear on what automation really means and if it could even help.

Facilitated workshops to the rescue, they provide a mechanism for accelerated learning and delivery!

Our 5 Day Automation Workshops for example will take a team with no or limited knowledge about robotic automation and end the week with a working demonstration prototype and clear plan on what to do next. This is an example of the accelerated learning that is possible from well structured and facilitated event, this is how the week would look:

Monday: Insight - Sharing information to build a common vocabulary and understanding. Identify organisational needs in order to shortlist which robotic automation vendors are best suited. Day 1 involves everyone collaborating and sharing.

Tuesday: Process - The "process funnel" is our accelerated method of prioritising processes suitable for automation. Day 2 will shortlist processes and optimise the top choice for prototyping. This involves a combination of individual, breakout and full team activities.

Wednesday: Build - Prototype build begins in parallel to developing further insight on skills, operating models, stakeholders and influencing. The lean startup Build-Test-Learn principle is demonstrated on a small scale to deliver the initial prototype.

Thursday: Strategy - A strategic gameplan helps the team to evaluate the purpose, resources, milestones, success factors and challenges faced when developing their automation programme. Parallel activities continue with the team combining for checkpoints and feedback throughout the penultimate day.

Friday: Showcase - The team come back together in full to bring all the lessons learned to a close and record a demonstration to showcase the opportunity of robotic process automation. A retrospective on the week will help highlight the lessons learned and construct the plans for successful implementation of an RPA programme within the organisation.

The Results:

1. Learn about all types of automation

2. Learn how vendors differ & how to select the fit for your organisational needs

3. Initial (Prototype) process selection

4. Process review and optimisation

5. Develop working prototype automation

6. Create the Gameplan for future steps

7. Pilot Plan

To learn more about our RPA Workshops please get in touch at

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